Barricading Permits

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Annual Barricading Permits


Apply for your annual permit by delivering to the City of Tempe the following:
• A copy of your contractor’s license.
• A copy of your ATSSA Certifications for the following individuals: Designers, Field Supervisors, Foremen, and Operations Managers.
• A copy of your insurance coverage and certificate of liability. This should indicate that the city is an additional insured and that the city is a certificate holder. Please include the “Cancellation Letter.” Should you have any questions about insurance coverage requirements, please contact the Traffic Engineering at 480-350-4311.
• A check in the amount of $188.16 made payable to the City of Tempe.
• A copy of the attached contact information page.
• City Privilege (Sales Tax License Number)

Once assembled, please deliver all of the above information (see check list) to the City of Tempe Transportation Division located at 200 E. Fifth Street, 2nd floor. Should you have any questions regarding this notice please call 480-350-8219 and refer to Annual Barricading Permit Renewal. 

Traffic Control Online Application Submittal 

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Traffic Control Online Application Submittal Instructions

City of Tempe Traffic Barricade Manual 

Barricading Manual