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We take care of people, profit and planet through a variety of innovative programs, including water and energy conservation, recycling, composting, alternative transportation, sustainable business practices and environmental stewardship.


16sustainabilityreportPRINTTo the right, you can check out some of our citywide sustainability achievements from fiscal year 2016. The City of Tempe's commitment to sustainability is highlighted through the figures presented in this chart. In future years, the city plans to improve upon these numbers in order to create a thriving and consciously-sustainable community for Tempe residents. 

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External Resources:

Air Quality Dept.- Maricopa County

American Institute of Architects 

ASU Global Institute of Sustainability

ASU Sustainable Cities Network 

Consumer Energy Center 

Earth 911

Earth Day 

Energy Star

EPA Sustainability 

Greener Buildings

LEED Initiatives

Natural Resources Defense Council

Sustainable Arizona

FINAL Urban Forestry Master Plan 

U. S. Department of Energy

U.S. Green Building Council

Valleywide Recycling Partnership 

Whole Building Design

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