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Tempe residents have access to many unique services that ensure the responsible management of their waste. The city provides solid waste collection, curbside recycling and bulk trash and green organics service. Residents also have access to resources for e-waste disposal, construction and demolition (C & D) material and free Tempe compost. Read on for schedules and useful information.

Solid waste and recycling schedule

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Solid waste collection  

Curbside and alley solid waste collection are provided once a week for all residents in single family homes.  

Solid waste guidelines for curbside and alley collection

Alley upkeep  

Tempe city code requires residents to maintain their alleys from the end of their property line to the center of the alleyway. This helps ensure that solid waste, utility and emergency vehicles can safely drive through alleys. The guidelines also help keep the alleys looking clean and well-kept, which is a deterrent for illegal dumping and other activities. If your home has an alley, please visit to become familiar with city code requirements.

Blue bin curbside recycling

Tempe’s blue bin curbside program makes it easy for residents to recycle. All single family homes are provided with a blue 90 gallon container that is emptied once a week.

Top 10 in the bin 

Do you recycle? Do you know what you can and cannot put in the blue bin? The City of Tempe has a recycling goal of 25% by 2020. To help achieve this goal, we need your help!

The top 10 things to put in your recycle bin are:

  1. broken down card board
  2. paper
  3. food boxes
  4. mail
  5. beverage cans
  6. food cans
  7. glass bottles
  8. jars (glass and plastic)
  9. jugs
  10. plastic bottles and caps

Did you know that you cannot put plastic bags and wraps into the blue bin? These soft plastics ruin the recycling equipment and cause challenges for recycling staff. You can recycle these items at your local grocery store, or save them for a Zero Waste Day. The city has two Zero Waste Days annually, in April and November.  At these events, you can also recycle Styrofoam, electronics and textiles, as they items cannot go into the blue bins. 

Blue bin program guidelines

Acceptable recyclables flyer

Bulk trash and green organics collection

Tempe residents receive bulk trash collection every other month for all of the bulky items that can’t fit in your regular trash bin. There is also an optional green organics collection three times a year that coincides with the trimming season. The green organic material is taken to our facility and turned into compost, which is returned to community parks, schools and given to residents. The city also provides seasonal drop off locations for Christmas trees and special collections during monsoon season.

2016 Collection Schedule

Bulk trash and green organics guidelines

Free compost information

Please follow all alley upkeep guidelines to ensure solid waste crews have enough room to maneuver the equipment.

Landscaper and contractor work: City code states that landscapers cannot utilize alleys for disposal - only homeowners who do the work themselves can utilize the bulk trash and green organics service.

Household hazardous waste, e-waste, paints, cleaners and more

Recycle all the items you can’t put into your blue bin at the Household Products Collection Center and grab some free paint while you’re at it! Tempe and Guadalupe residents can drop off items for free every Friday and Saturday morning. The city also hosts two Zero Waste Days a year that are open to all residents.

Hours and more information

Acceptable items  

Construction and demolition debris

Did you just remodel your house or landscape your yard? Since large amounts of construction debris cannot be placed out for bulk trash collection, the city has two options to dispose of this material. Roll-off containers can be purchased for $225 plus disposal costs. You can also deliver the material for free, up to 1,000 lbs, once per month at:

Sky Harbor Regional Transfer Station
2425 S. 40th Street
Phoenix, AZ 85034 
602-454-2050 (scale house) 

Are you a business owner looking for solid waste and recycling service? Click here for more info.

Are you a property manager looking for solid waste and recycling service? Click here for more info.

Still have questions about Tempe's residential Solid Waste and Recycling services? Contact Tempe 311 at 480-350-4311 Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.