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Nice to Know Before You Fly:


  1. City Parks restrictions

    On June 15, 2017 the City of Tempe adopted an amendment to the City Code Chapter 23, Article III, Division 1 regarding the use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) – meaning those that are flown solely for recreational or hobby purposes while in the visual sight of the operator – in city parks and preserves. Click here to access Ordinance No. O2017.36. The amendment prohibits takeoffs and landings with UAVs in Tempe Beach Park, Papago Park (Tempe section), Rio Salado Park, and city preserves. The City Council decided to adopt the ordinance with the option to review the situation after the ordinance had been in place for a year.

  2. State Restrictions

    With SB 1449 the Arizona legislature included state wide restrictions on hobbyist drone use in Arizona Revised Statutes, §3729, that include offensive uses, trespass and interference with local fire and law enforcement operations among other unlawful uses. Click here to access state hobbyist drone use restrictions.

  3. Federal Regulations

    The FAA has posted guidance online regarding what you need to know before you fly. Click here to access the guidance. Of particular relevance for hobbyist use of model aircraft/recreational drone users in Tempe is that the air traffic control in the PHX Tower need prior notice of plans to fly, when it occurs within five (5) statute miles of an airport or in areas where PHX Class B airspace is controlled all the way to the ground. Here are some basic guidelines:

  • Fly at or below 400 feet
  • Be aware of airspace requirements and restrictions. Click here to access notifications about airspace restrictions.
  • Stay away from surrounding obstacles.
  • Keep your done within sight.
  • Never fly near other aircraft, especially near airports.
  • Never fly over groups of people.
  • Never fly over stadiums or sports events.
  • Never fly near emergency response efforts such as fires.
  • Never fly under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Click here to check out the PHX drone use notice.

Click here to check out the Chandler drone use notice.



Green Areas: Parks & golf courses.

Red Areas: Tempe areas where takeoffs and landings with model aircraft/ hobbyist drones are prohibited.

Orange Areas: Five (5) mile notification zone for Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport and Chandler Municipal Airport.

Grey Areas: Class B controlled airspace for the Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport.

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