Divisions & Organization Overview

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The Tempe Police Department, in partnership with the citizens of Tempe, is committed to improving the quality of life in our city by identifying and resolving public safety concerns.

onor: we will be honorable in our principles, intentions and actions.

Integrity: we value honest communication; our actions match our words.

Loyalty: we are committed to fellow employees and the community we serve.

Dedication:we are devoted to delivering effective, efficient police services.

Over the past several years, the Tempe Police Department has taken great strides as an organization.  Despite financial challenges, we continue to move forward with a comprehensive and evolving strategic plan.  The overarching goals of the Tempe Police Department's Strategic Plan are:

  • Fighting Crime & Enhancing Community Safety
  • Promoting Community Involvement
  • Supporting & Developing Employees
  • Enhancing Innovation & Technology

These strategic goals serve to guide the activities and direction of our organization, and provide a foundation for decision-making so that we can continue to deliver the highest quality police services to our Tempe community for years to come.  The Tempe Police Department is designed to be well aligned, flexible, allow for future growth, and ensure that we are able to respond to the current, ever-increasing and changing demands placed on law enforcement.  Our organization is currently comprised of 491 employees who are dedicated to preserving the safety of the Tempe community.

The Tempe Police Department is currently comprised of three branches under the Office of the Chief.

The Office of the Chief of Police is responsible for the administration and general supervision of all police operations.  The Office of the Chief is charged with the coordination of all investigations and procedures; the provision of leadership, management and administration; and the continual building of strong and productive partnerships with the residents, businesses and community groups within our community.

Patrol Operations is comprised of North Patrol, South Patrol, Central City and Traffic Division.  Services provided by Patrol Operations are as follows:  (1) respond to police requests for service; (2) perform preliminary investigative work at crime scenes; (3) investigate and report incidents of crime; (4) investigate and report motor vehicle collisions; (5) conduct vehicle patrol to provide visibility, deterrence, and timely response in neighborhoods; (6) work with the community to address public safety concerns;(7) patrol and provide police resources to Tempe's Mill Avenue District, including providing police resources for special and unscheduled events; (8) provide crime prevention and community education programs to the public;  (9) provide specialty services to enhance community safety, including Bike Team and Mounted Unit functions.

Investigations & Organizational Services is comprised of Criminal and Special Investigations, Personnel and Detention Services and is responsible for the following: (1) investigate and clear Part I and Part II crimes against persons and property, as tracked by the Federal Bureau of Investigation nationwide; (2) mount investigative operations to fight narcotics trafficking and target violent and career criminals; (3) recruit, test and hire sworn officers and civilian personnel; (4) provide in-service training programs; (5) respond to public information/media records requests; (6) investigate internal complaints and serve as liaison with the Tempe Citizens Panel for review of police complaints and use of force; (7) provide jail and booking service and transport all prisoners to the City Court; (8) Audit and Compliance; update and implement organizational police and procedure.

Support Services is comprised of Communications, Records, Identification, Property, and the Office of Management, Budget and Research.  Services provided by this divisions are (1) answer all incoming calls and provide 24-hour dispatch service; (2) provide radio communications between the police station and all patrol field units; (3) provide full police records management services; (4) provide planning and research information and implementation; (5) administer departmental operating and capital improvement budgets; (6) gather and report intelligence information; (7) serve as the central tactical crime analysis and intelligence entity within the department.