Housing Staff Contacts

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Housing Services Supervisory Staff

LeVon Lamy, Housing and Revitalization Manager: 480-858-2264/ levon_lamy@tempe.gov

Theresa James, Housing Services Supervisor: 480-858-2360/ theresa_james@tempe.gov

Housing Specialists

Beth Gath, Housing Specialist: 480-350-8954/ beth_gath@tempe.gov

Eddie Adorno, Housing Specialist: 480-350-5846/ eddie_adorno@tempe.gov

Jamie Ortiz, Housing Specialist: 480-350-8956/ jamie_ortiz@tempe.gov

Valerie Sarver, Housing Specialist: 480-858-2387/ valerie_sarver@tempe.gov

Housing Services Accountant

LeVon Lamy, Housing Services Accountant: 480-858-2264/ levon_lamy@tempe.gov 

Community Assisted Mortgage Program (CAMP)

Maryna Leyvas, Neighborhood Revitalization Coordinator: 480-858-2154/ maryna_leyvas@tempe.gov

Elizabeth Garcia:  Neighborhood Revitalization Coordinator:  480-350-8961/elizabeth_garcia@tempe.gov

Homeless Assistance

Kim Van Nimwegen, Homeless Coordinator:  480-350-8856/ kim_vannimwegen@tempe.gov

Kelly Denman, Homeless Outreach Specialist: 480-858-7993/kelly_denman@tempe.gov