Emergency Preparedness

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Be emergency prepared, create a fire escape plan for home

In the event of a natural or man-made emergency, you might be contacted through the Reverse 9-1-1 system.

Go to sign up information for Reverse 9-1-1

Learn how to report an emergency

Plan Ahead

Keep up with information from the City of Tempe

The City of Tempe has a variety of communication channels to keep its residents and visitors informed.  You can sign up for a variety of social media platforms and email notification lists used by the city.

Consider a social media platform such as Nextdoor.com to connect with your neighbors.

Become emergency prepared

Periodically, the City of Tempe and neighboring cities offer a hands-on course for the Community Emergency Response Team (CERT). This course can show you how to work with neighbors and others before first responders arrive.

Check these sites for more information and tips to be emergency prepared.

Ready.gov is a campaign from Homeland Security.  It can help you prepare for all types of emergencies and disasters.

Federal Emergency Management Agency

American Red Cross

National Security Emergencies For Kids Website

En español

Listo.gov en español. Planee anticipadamente para los desastres.

FEMA.gov en español. Agencia federal de gestión de emergencias

Other languages

Check the Federal Emergency Management Agency's site for a list of languages they offer including 简体中文, Français, Ελληνικά  and more.