ASU Residential and Off Campus Safety

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ASU DormEvery year, college students experience a growing number of fire-related emergencies. On-campus housing at Arizona State University is equipped with residential sprinkler systems, fire alarms systems and smoke alarms. All on-campus housing is under the jurisdiction of the Arizona State Fire Marshal's Office, which conducts yearly inspections to make sure that all buildings on campus are up to code and that all safety devices are working properly. The Tempe Fire Medical Rescue Department responds to all fire and emergency medical calls on campus.



Safety Precautions: 

• When you dial 911 on campus, the call goes directly to the ASU Campus Police who will then notify the Tempe Fire Medical  Rescue Department 
• When calling 911 please advise the operator as to the type of emergency 
• Learn the location of all the exits in your building 
• Do not use the elevator, use the stairs only 
• Understand that once a fire has started, you only have a few minutes to leave the building 
• Do not stop for anything, get out and stay out 
• If you hear a fire alarm, leave immediately close doors behind you as you go and take your room keys 
• If you're trapped, call 911 and tell them where you are seal your door with rags and signal from your window 
• Do not disconnect the smoke alarms in your rooms or remove the batteries 
• Do not hang items from the sprinkler heads in your rooms by hanging items on the sprinkler head you might accidentally activate the sprinkler head or hinder the proper activation of the sprinkler 
• If cooking is allowed, then make sure that you watch what you are cooking and turn off the appliance as soon as you are finished 
• If you need more outlets, use power strips with circuit breakers instead of extension cords 
• If you use a candle in your room, make sure that you blow it out 
• Do not use candles when the power goes off, use a flash light instead