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Tempe is among Arizona's most educated cities. With more than a dozen colleges, trade schools and universities, about 40 percent of our residents over the age of 25 have Bachelor's degrees or better. This lends itself to a creative, smart atmosphere where anything seems possible. And why not? People and businesses in Tempe have worked on projects including the Mars Rover, implanted heart defibrulators, solar energy and much more.

Take a look at our Economic Development Overview Brochure. You may also view the slideshow below for a glance at our community.

Tempe By The Numbers 2016

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Where We Are
 With Tempe being located in the center of the Greater Phoenix Metropolitan Area, Tempe is an easy commute - especially with our great transportation system and light rail. We are just 10 minutes from Sky Harbor International Airport and not much further from downtown Phoenix. Location is just one reason that Tempe is a workforce importer, with approximately 150,000 people employed in our city of just 161,000 residents. Check out the regional map at the bottom of this page.

Tempe 2010 Census
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Population: 161,000
Workforce: 150,000 +/-
Median Age: 28.1
Bachelor's Degree or Above: 41.3 percent
Businesses in Tempe: Approximately 16,792
Average Travel Time to Work: 20 minutes
Housing Units: 73,462

Top Employers
Tempe's top employers include companies such as Insight Computers, Arizona State University, Wells Fargo, Edward Jones and US Airway. A complete list is available.

Core Industries
Finance, Insurance and Real Estate
High Technology

Special Attractions 
Tempe Town Lake and Mill Avenue are two can't miss aspects of our city. Don't miss ASU Sun Devil Stadium and other university attractions. For a full list of fun, check out the Tempe Tourism Office

Regional Profile

Tempe, Arizona ... The Smart Place To Be.®
Map of Western United States and Tempe's Location

US Western States Map

Map of Greater Phoenix Metropolitan Area and Tempe