Initiative, Referendum and Recall

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This webpage is intended to assist individuals interested in the Initiative, Referendum, and Recall process.  The City Clerk’s Office strives to provide the most current information and forms; however, state statutes and election cases are subject to constant change and interpretation.

For convenience, Initiative, Referendum and Recall packets are provided on this webpage.  Contact the City Clerk’s Office at to confirm that the information is the most current.

Signature Requirements 

 Initiative 15,202
 Referendum 1,920
 Recall - Mayor
 Recall - Councilmember


Initiative Packet as of December 9, 2016

Referendum Packet - as of December 9, 2016

Recall Packet - as of December 9, 2016

Individuals are encouraged to review all election materials and laws with their individual attorneys to ensure compliance with current legal requirements. While the City Clerk’s Office will assist with procedural questions related to election filings, City Clerk's Office staff cannot render legal, financial or other professional advice.