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Hire Advantage Job Club

Weekly job searching support group led by Certified Career Management Professional (CCMP) Greg Wood, founder of The Hire Challenge.


If you’re currently unemployed, or gainfully employed but looking to make a change, you’ve most likely discovered a traditional system of finding employment that is no longer effective. In order to succeed you must change your mindset and be creative in order to differentiate yourself from all others in today’s highly competitive job market.

The Hire Advantage Job Club addresses the need for a strategic versus traditional approach to job search. No longer can you rely on Human Resources to select your “powerful resume” and “knock ‘em dead cover letter” to get you in front of the hiring manager. Learn the strategies and techniques that help you effectively market yourself by broadcasting your value to the business community, not your resume. Expand your professional network and tap into the hidden job market by working smarter, not harder. This approach will then give you the opportunity to conduct strategic interviews that will clearly separate you from your competition and help shorten your time in transition.


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